Link Love Sunday #8

–This one’s a quicky!–

Current Obsessions

  1. My ChefSteps Joule. I am sous vide-ing everything and their mothers. Two days ago I made the best salmon of my life in 40 minutes and I wasn’t even in the kitchen. Winning.
  2. Afternoon naps. Why did I refuse them in kindergarden? Whyyyyy?
  3. Amazon’s new Interesting Finds feature. Don’t click on the link, your bank account will regret it.

Link Love

  1. Reach sous vide nirvana with this.
  2. ‘Cause under all that bleach, Guy Fieri is a genius.
  3. Seriously?
  4. This ultimate guide to kicking ass at Game Day entertaining is da bomb.
  5. Humble s&p had never looked this classy.
  6. This banana bread is making #2017weightloss less painful.
  7. Thank you, Stephanie, for finally giving me an excuse for eating mac & cheese for breakfast. Can anyone say cheat meal?
  8. Would do ANYTHING for this cookbook. Notice the bold, capitalized “anything”. I mean business.
  9. As we learned and confirmed thanks to Molly Yeh, caramelized onions are everythiiiing.
  10. #2017weightloss help.


Note: feature image taken at the Río Grande River at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

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