Link Love Sunday #7

First of all, Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is taking advantage of all the sweater weather, filling up on spiked hot cocoa and spending lots of family time with love ones with good food and lots of laughs. I’ve been caught by the holiday flu bug and he isn’t very cute, so I’ve been cooking a little less and staring at my computer screen a bit more. Plus side: check out this link love stuff I found:

  1. I’ll be singing along to Spotify’s Navidad en Puerto Rico playlist, meaning “Christmas in Puerto Rico”, with my Grandma.
  2. And when I get a little sick of all the Puerto Rican-ness, I’ll switch back to my present fave Sofi Tukker.
  3. The optimal sweater weather getup.
  4. Lucky Peach’s guide to Christmas beers, which are basically a close second to Oktoberfest beers.
  5. These VERY ’70s holiday recipes which are the very definition of throwback.
  6. Drooling over these ridiculously expensive cheese knives.
  7. Am I too old for action figures?
  8. Mochi science.
  9. I thought I didn’t like chandeliers but I apparently stand corrected with this DIY.
  10. These AMAZING hot chocolate recipes which are guaranteed to impress.


Quirky Gingerbread Mania:

  1. Bob’s Burgers, complete with Tina’s glasses and Louise’s bunny ears.
  2. Even Snoopy knows it’s nap season.
  3. The Iron Throne never looked so delicious/fabulous.
  4. The Weasley’s Burrow is making me all kinds of jealous.
  5. A magical, snowed-in Hobbit Hole.


Holiday sweet treats for Santa:

  1. Sesame chai cupcakes with chai glaze
  2. Chocotorta cookies with sea salt dulce de leche
  3. Skillet chocolate chip cookie dough

And remember to make your list and check it twice! I’ll be including these cookbooks and then some more.


Happy Holidays and wishing you lots of cookies and love!


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