Link Love Sunday #5

This has been a LONG WEEK. Lots of work, plus my catdaughter now wakes me up at 6am every day, including weekends, by purring straight in my ear. Cute? Annoying? Still haven’t decided. So anyway LINK LOVE:

  1. Intense, redneck-y potato peeling.
  2. This steak cheat sheet and its perfection.
  3. You have to check out Pixar’s adorable new short “Piper”. SO FLUFFY. (Sadly, no working links to be found anymore…)
  4. Meet my spirit animal, Gudetama. I mean, just look at him!
  5. Dana Carvey’s new stand-up special on Netflix. The man does not quit.
  6. I know nothing about wine, except how to down it. Therefore, this is important.
  7. Also, a wine quiz!
  8. Finally, sooooo excited about finally seeing “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them“!!! Can’t. Wait.


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Have a kickass week and Happy Thanksgiving! And after that, Happy Napping!


Note: feature image taken at Naturlandia in Andorra.

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