Holiday Gift Guide for the Overachiever

I think it’s safe to say the Black Friday madness has mostly calmed the f down and the stampeding, trampling and elbowing is done with. And guess what: it’s ALMOST DECEMBER which means it’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS. Do I seem excited? I am. Friends, family, food, fun; what’s not to love? Gift-giving. Gift-giving is stressful and not loveable. Cue the gift guide!

Christmas is indeed very aggravating for us who make a ginormous fuss over gift-giving. I need to give my loved ones something they never imagined but will totally love. For me it’s a details person thing and every person has the perfect gift out there somewhere. Some people are easier to figure out: grandparents, pets (yes, they count as people), neighbors. But we all know certain characters that we can’t wrap our brains around. For example, what exactly does one give a kid besides Barbies and Legos? Or your artsy boss who has it all? There have got to be way cooler gadgets and gifts out there and I found them and compiled a to-the-point gift guide for all your holiday needs!

No biggie, you can thank me later.


For the Foodie


For the Creative Type


For the Stylish Minimalist


For the Wanderluster


For the Little Ones


For the Outdoorsman

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